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Traffic Driving - Racing SDA

Privacy policy for the “Traffic Driving - Racing SDA” application, which has the identifier “”.

Developer and owner of the application “SkanerSoft”, personal website:

If you have any questions, you can contact the developer directly using the address “”.

1. This application does not collect or store personally identifiable information about the user.

2. This application uses to display advertisements correctly:
- advertising identifier
- device language

3. This application processes the data [specified in paragraph 2] exactly until the purpose of displaying advertising is achieved, and then completely destroys it.

4. This application uses analytical data to diagnose the application, as well as study whether players are achieving the goals set by the developer:
- device model
- actions in the application

5. If the application is deleted from the device, data collection and storage stops without the need for additional actions on the part of the player.

6. All collected data is stored in encrypted form and does not represent any value; it is important only for ensuring the gameplay.

If you installed this application from Google Play, please be aware that Google Play collects some personal data on its own.

Please review the Google Play Services privacy policy here: